The Connected Life

The Connected Life

We live in an increasingly isolated and lonely world. How do we find genuine relational connection? According to psychologist Todd Hall, real human growth doesn't come through head knowledge alone but through relational knowledge and strong attachment bonds. This accessible introduction invites us into lasting relationships—with God and others—that lead to authentic transformation.

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“It is no secret that people worldwide are increasingly disconnected from each other. For a number of reasons, we are detached from feeling we can be vulnerable about ourselves with others. This issue ties directly into massive problems in physical, emotional, relational and spiritual health. Todd Hall has provided a biblical and scientifically validated path to learn and experience true connection with God, others and our very selves. The chapter on Relational Knowledge is a highlight. I highly recommend this book.”

JohnTownsend, Ph.D.
Author of the New York Times bestselling Boundaries book series
Founder, the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling

"People seem more relationally disconnected today than ever and yet are desperate for meaning and connection. This is one big reason I am thrilled about this new book by my friend Todd Hall. The Connected Life is research-based, and yet full of stories and practical ideas. I am honored to offer an endorsement and look forward to helping spread the word when it releases."

Dr. Sean McDowell
Professor at Biola University, International Speaker and Author of So The Next Generation Will Know

"We live in the most distracted and disrupted culture in the history of the world. That radical disruption is impacting our families, personal relationships, careers, and our spiritual lives. Which is why I’m so thrilled Todd Hall has released The Connected Life. The truth is, this book is a roadmap for navigating today’s world. If you can’t change, the world will pass you by, so read it, underline it, and keep it on your desk. It could very well be your ticket to the future."

Phil Cooke, Ph.D.,
Filmmaker, Media Consultant, and Author of One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do

"The Connected Life is a brilliant book that is very important for the future of the Church. It offers practical insights that will help you find meaning and thrive in life. Drawn from his faith, personal experiences, counseling practice, and psychology research, Todd always brings a fresh perspective. His beautiful writing style really connects, and his storytelling ability is icing on the cake."

Michael Lee Stallard
President, Connection Culture Group, and Author of Connection Culture: The Competitive Advantage of Shared Identity, Empathy, and Understanding at Work

"Although most of us recognize the importance of relationships in our lives at some level, we often find ourselves stuck, unsure of how to cultivate healthy, thriving relationships. In this book, Todd clarifies the path towards adopting new habits and frameworks that help us to love others, and ourselves, well. The Connected Life communicates profound insights about how to love winsomely and live meaningfully."

Steve Saccone
Author of Relational Intelligence, Protégé and Talking About God

“The Connected Life blends social science with spiritual truths to reveal why we feel so discombobulated, and how to put ourselves back together.”

Dr. David Burkus
Author of The Myths of Creativity and Friend of a Friend

“In The Connected Life, Todd Hall demonstrates powerfully that we are hardwired for close, empathic relationships, but suffer deeply from our increasingly fragmented culture. Through compelling stories, research results clearly explained, and practical action steps, he helps readers learn how to build life-giving relational connections. This book challenged me and fed my soul. I heartily recommend it.”

Dr. Joshua Miller
Author of Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person

“Todd Hall understands the connected life, largely because he’s known firsthand the disconnected life. He grew up looking for love, longing for a place to belong. Thankfully, he found it all, and more, in the welcome of a good God, the love of a good woman, and the grace of a good church. But he knows deeply and clearly what it is to lack such things, and so he also knows the gifts that these things are, and how best to receive, foster, and steward them. How do you or I overcome our tendencies to hide, evade, resist, resent? How do we truly, deeply connect? I can hardly think of a question more relevant to our times, or one for which we need, and urgently, real wisdom. This book is just such wisdom.”

Mark Buchanan
Pastor and Author of God Walk: Moving at the Speed of Your Soul

About the Author

Todd W. Hall (PhD, Rosemead School of Psychology) is professor of psychology at Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University, where he teaches courses on the integration of psychology and theology, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and positive psychology. He is a faculty affiliate at the Harvard Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University and a founding partner at Flourishing Metrics. Hall is an award-winning researcher, focusing on relational approaches to spirituality, virtue, and leadership. He is a coauthor of Psychology in the Spirit and author of Relational Spirituality and The Connected Life. He is the developer of several widely used spiritual assessments, and codeveloper of the Flourish Assessment.